About Us

On a recent trip to Europe I saw two men climbing together and while they were belaying each other they took turns wearing the CU belay glasses. It was a difficult route, they were both falling, and yet, when belaying they were looking straight ahead in a very relaxed stance. Upon closer inspection and some questioning I made an inquiry about the glasses’ origin, located the website and found out that the German inventor was to be in the US for a climbing trip soon. Shortly after I was meeting this man, Albi, his wife and their son in Fruita, CO. and I became the owner of my own pair of the CU belay glasses.

It did not take long until I was a believer in this innovative new type of glasses. I approached Albi and asked if I could help him to distribute his product in the US, Canada, and Mexico. He agreed and powernplayusa.com, the North American counterpart to powernplay.com was created. We are here to offer you the world’s finest belay glasses.

Thanks, David Roetzel.


the glasses are simply outstanding. I can't believe I ever belayed without them. They were also quite the conversation piece; everyone was wondering where I got them. I even sent one of my projects. :-) Thanks! - Mike

Hey Albi,
Hope you are well. I've now been using the CU glasses for about 6 weeks and they are grrrrrrreat! My regular climbing partner wears them always, although initially thought he would never use them. - Peter

Hi Albi
went climbing indoors today, tried out the belay glasses. They are excellent, better than I expected. I have no problem recommending these and as I am the only one wearing them they create quite a bit of curiosity and questions. - Shaun.

Hi Albi,
I am delighted with the glasses and have passed on the link to other members of my climbing club who might be interested. Thanks again! - Judy